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07 March 2018

What should the Eagles do with Nick Foles?

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What should the Eagles do with Nick Foles?

By Jonathan Jimenez


The answer is nothing, for now. Barring a ridiculous trade offer,  (call the Cleveland Browns for that) which should include a 1st round draft pick and perhaps a 2nd and/ or a 3rd round pick, the Eagles should stand pat and hold onto Nick Foles until week 7 or 8 of next season. Coming off their first super bowl victory in franchise history, the Philadelphia Eagles have a great situation, despite the seriousness to the injury of their most prized possession, QB Carson Wentz. In today’s NFL, you need to have a good backup QB. The Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, and Arizona Cardinals all lost their star QB’s last season to injuries and their seasons all took a turn for the worst. Not one of these three teams mentioned, could even put a semi-decent QB on the field. Great QB’s are super rare but so are good and even competent ones. The fact is, Carson Wentz may not be ready for the season opener, plus he is the franchise quarterback for the team, so proceed slowly and with caution. The Eagles won a super bowl with Nick Foles as a starter and certainly he can hold his own until Wentz is fully healed and good to go. If it weren’t because Nick Foles automatically becomes a free agent if he is on the team by February 2019, I wouldn’t even dream of trading him; unless I were the GM, and I would trade Foles to the highest bidder and sign Colin Kaepernick as my backup, but you know the NFL is still keeping him on the outs, but that’s another story. Nick Foles has shown to be a really good QB and paired with Wentz, the team is only spending about $12 million per season between the two, which means they really have the best value at that position in the NFL. Why sacrifice value, when it has shown to work? I wouldn’t, would you?


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