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28 June 2017

Philwell Jackson

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Philwell Jackson

So Phil Jackson is being fired by the Knicks. Ever since the first season of Real Fans Real Talk I said that Phil will come to the Knicks because that’s where they played and i was laughed at by my co hosts. I was hoping to have him as a coach and not a GM but he did eventually find his way back to NY. Both he and I believe that Melo is a problem and not in a good way. There’s team basketball for 3 and a half quarters and then the ball goes to Melo and he tries to carry the team on his shoulders and takes bad shots. He is one of the best offensive players in the league but he can’t play d nor can he pass like some of the other elite players in the league. I remember I was in Philly when the trade for Melo was announced and we gave up way too much for him and he could’ve just waited until the end of the season and sign instead of the Knicks trading so much for him.

The mistakes Phil made as a gm was signing Jokim Noah and that’s about it. He should let his coach coach the way they want instead of trying to force the triangle unless he was going to coach himself. Aside from that he drafted Porzingis and everyone hated him for it as it happened but it turned out that he knew what he was doing. He drafted Frenchie this year who will also probably turn out to be a success.
The Knicks sucked before he got here and they still suck. It’s not like you get the job as a gm and they become a powerhouse the next year. The media destroyed Phil and as much as Knicks fans hated him he didn’t do as bad of a job as they made it seem.

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