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04 March 2018

I am resigning from the office of the presidency

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I am resigning from the office of the presidency

I refer to myself on Real Fans Real Talk as President of the LeBron James hate club.. Hate is a strong word and there is too much hate in this world. Some people have an us vs them mentality. Race vs Race, Republicans vs Democrats, men vs women, old vs young, and people vs people using each other and hating on each other.

I started to “hate” on LeBron because of “the decision” and how it was a big spectacle on where he was going (he also ended up not choosing the Knicks). I also realize that it raised money for charity at the same time. He later had the statement that everyone can go back to their regular lives (which basically insulted a lot of people) after he lost. He’s also referred to as King which some people (including myself) didn’t like. I thought about putting together a video of Lebron’s worst moments with the Metallica song King nothing in the background but I didn’t. We often don’t start being humble until we’re older and by that time we’ve built up some haters. Older people try to give the youth advice but the youth feel like they know everything. On the flip side, older people don’t respect younger people and just assume that they don’t know what they’re talking about because they’re young.

The statement that was made “shut up and dribble” struck a nerve with me for several reasons. First of all, when we disagree on a subject, we tend to insult the other person’s intelligence instead of trying to understand their perspective. We can end up losing friends arguing over politics. We also don’t respect other people’s opinions. We also attack the person based on profession that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

I don’t agree with LeBron or Colin Kaepernick but I respect their right to protest. I’m not oblivious to the fact that racism still exists, but there is nothing that politicians or the NFL can do about it. It is impossible to legislate human behavior. Laws have already been put in place that punishes discrimination and hate crimes have an increased sentence. Murder, rape, and other crimes have already been put in place and they still happen. I respect the right to protest, but you need to have demands otherwise I see it as pointless. I get that people see sports as an escape from what’s going on in the world and just want to watch the game, but I do believe that everyone has a right to their opinion and athletes and celebrities should not be silent.

I’d like to believe that racism isn’t on as large of a scale as people think it is. I understand that black people are sick and tired of feeling like white people have more opportunity than they do. I also understand that there are double standards. For example, when I white person carries a gun it’s okay, but when a black person has one, then they’re considered a thug. Athletes (like Gilbert Arenas) carry guns so they can feel safer since there is a threat to their security.

But I also understand that white people are sick and tired of people assuming that they’re racist just because they’re white. That’s not reverse racism, that’s racism. They’re also sick and tired of being blamed for slavery and other things that happened that they personally had nothing to do with, and in some cases, happened before they were even born. They also don’t like that making fun of white people in comedy is okay, but not making fun of black people in comedy. It’s comedy. Some white people don’t know how to talk to black people and often say things like “I have black friends” or “I voted for Obama” (as portrayed in the movie “Get Out”) and then that just ends up frustrating the black person. There’s no need to say that, just talk to them like a person. Also I think it’s just stupid when people say “I don’t see color” (unless you’re actually color blind of course).

Since I mentioned Obama, I did not vote for Obama. I wanted him to win but I just didn’t vote that day. I know that New York State usually votes for the Democrat so it didn’t matter if I voted for him or not. He’s very well spoken, charismatic, he went to Harvard, and I had high hopes that he would make America great again as we seemed to be falling apart. I also thought at the time when I was younger, that the south will vote Republican because Republicans down south are racist. That’s not true and it’s just a misconception. Some of them are, but a lot of them are not. I agreed with some of the things Obama said and did and I also disagreed with some of the things that he said and did just like every president. But in this case if you’re white and you disagreed with Obama, you were considered a racist and that made the country seem more racist than it is. I never hated Obama, I just ended up disagreeing with him on several issues. I wish him well and I hope I can be as happy as he seems after I resign from my presidency of the LeBron hate club.

If you disagreed with the last president you were considered a racist, and now if you agree with the current president, you are considered a racist. Neither could be further from the truth and it just divides this country further. Trump has been saying for decades that he doesn’t want to be president (like he said 30 years ago on the Oprah show), but he will if things start to get really bad, which it seems like it has. After the election on SNL Dave Chappelle, said let’s give this guy a chance which is a positive non divisive suggestion. Then his friends said to him afterwards “what’s up with your boy?” (referring to Trump). In reality since Election Day, the stock market has been doing great and other positive things. I don’t agree with everything he says and does either but no one is perfect and no president or person ever was or will be. A major problem in politics is that we don’t judge a politician by his ideas on the issues, we judge him or her on the things that they did, often times things from years ago. We character bash them instead of worrying about the issues. Also, Russia was seriously considering going to war with the US if Hillary won. Long story short, it was because Democrats weren’t being reasonable when it came to the global economy so all this Russian conspiracy stuff needs to stop.


We expect perfection in our leaders and in our companions. There’s often a misunderstanding in relationships. Women think their man is cheating on them (and vice versa) when they hang out with the guys, when in reality they’re probably just chilling and playing 2k or another doing whatever while being faithful. It’s not considered trust issues as people have probably been hurt before. Trust is the hardest thing to earn and the easiest thing to lose. Instead of calling your GF or BF crazy for thinking that you’re cheating, try to ease their mind by facetiming them and showing them everything is cool. Calling a girl crazy is not a good idea. Me personally, I can’t stand it when a girl is asking me what I’m thinking or why are you so quiet. I might be thinking of ideas or whatever, but they might think something else. If you can’t have a comfortable silence with someone (as portrayed in this pulp fiction scene with Uma Thurman and John Trovolta) then that’s not a good thing.

Some women might get mad at their man for playing a video game and tell them to grow up, but they’ll be on their phone playing candy crush or some other game and that’s okay. Video games are great for hand eye coordination, and they can relieve stress as your mind is focusing on the game instead of the problems in their life (as portrayed in the Netflix show house of cards where Kevin Spacey who’s an older politician plays video games). The only bad thing about video games is some online interactions which is why the legal disclaimer is there that says online interactions are not rated by the ESRB. People will curse, yell, and insult you during a game or send you messages to try and bother you. It’s great though that you can discuss strategy when you’re playing coop with a friend, family member or anyone that’s not trying to be verbally abusive.


We’re dealing with a mental health crisis for several reasons and one of them involves bullying and cyberbullying. Bullying is not just for kids because even as adults we bring other people down in arguments when we have a difference of opinion. Another reason is psychiatrists are not asking questions to get to know someone, but to diagnose them so they can put them on meds. Some kids are hyperactive and instead of letting them get more exercise they’re being diagnosed and prescribed meds to calm them down. Kids in school need to have more physical education classes and team sports games played daily in school so they can bring the kids together and they can work off some of that energy. No one likes to be the last pick so teams can be decided by the teacher picking names out of a hat.

Parents should be more involved with their kids as well and make sure that they are taking them outside to play for exercise. So many kids are growing up without a dad to play with and that’s sad. Sometimes the dad is to blame but often times women punish their baby daddy by not letting them see their kid and then lying to their kid that their father doesn’t want to see them. They do that because they are mad at them for not being together anymore, cheating on them, not paying child support, or other reasons. But the person that’s hurt the most in that situation is the child because they feel unwanted and grow up without a father figure in their life.

Getting back to sports I don’t hate rival teams and on Real Fans Real Talk, we rag on each other and make things comical instead of insulting or yelling at each other. When the camera starts rolling I become the Statman and although I never officially congratulated my Eagles fan friends, I was happy for them. I just won’t say that on the show.

Getting back to LeBron, the numbers don’t lie that he’s a great player. I just don’t think that he’s better than Jordan or that he ever will be. Jordan’s numbers far surpass LeBron’s and if he didn’t retire, he probably could’ve had a 10 peat. I hate (excuse me dislike not hate) when LeBron is constantly compared to Jordan. LeBron’s not the G.O.A.T nor will he ever be. His career is far from over though and he is considered a crybaby so maybe he’s the baby goat. I liked LeBron in the movie Trainwrecked as he was funny and he has a nice smile (no homo).

Yes I said no homo. I’m bringing it back. It was a joke and it just points out that it’s not who I am in case anyone might misinterpret it. It doesn’t make me homophobic or hate homosexuals. People are so easily offended and in reality they’re not even really offended sometimes and they just want to complain and post things on social media to get attention and likes. As Dave Chappelle said on his recent Netflix standup special, as a rule, I will never apologize to anyone who’s offended for what I say up here. He also said that he doesn’t like the way things are going so he’s going to take another break and “Make America Wait Again”.

I had a friend of a friend who happens to be gay ask me about Kaitlyn Jenner and yells at me like what you don’t support her!? I’m like, it’s not that I don’t support her, I just don’t care. People should do whatever they think will make them happy. In this country we are guaranteed the pursuit of happiness but happiness is not guaranteed. All I know is that hating is not going to make anyone happy so I am no longer going to hate on anyone or anything and I’m going to try and be a better person to everyone I encounter. I suggest you do the same. Love more and hate less. I hope that you enjoyed this read and I wish everyone nothing but joy and happiness. God Bless America and the rest of the world.

P.S. I will start wearing my LeBron sneakers more often. They happen to be the Real Fans Real Talk colors of red, white, and black. Also Lebron, come to the Knicks and make NY Great Again. Plus I think you’ll look good in a Knicks jersey. (no homo)

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