Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge

Hi this is Mark “The Statman ” Skevich and I said I would lose at least 50 pounds in 12 weeks. Why is it called the biggest winner weight loss challenge when there’s no competition? Exactly. Because I’m doing this for me and nothing else. I’m not getting a cash prize, no big sponsorship deal from a weight loss diet or pill, and basically I’m not making anything because I’m doing it for me. If it motivates people to do the same that’s great. I set my goal and my time frame which I feel is realistic and when I complete my goal I will feel like a winner. June 14th 2011 was the official weigh in and I weighed in at 322.4 and 6 weeks later on July 26th at the halfway point I’m at 299.8 so 22.6 pounds less at the halfway point. I need to pick things up and I will. Check out my blog on weight loss and unhealthy habits and keep checking back with us for updated progress.

First Weigh In Video

Second Weigh In Video

So if first you don’t succeed try again. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions because you shouldn’t wait until a New year to make a positive change in your life but coincidentally it’s a New Year and it’s about time I try again to reach my goal. I’m around 300 now so it wasn’t a total failure even though I didn’t reach the goal I wanted but maybe I should set a more realistic goal. A new weight loss challenge for the New Year is coming soon. Check back in the near future for the weight loss challenge 2012.

The Fully Fit Fighter Fitness faceoff is in effect for 2012 and the initial weigh in in May 2012 was 314 pounds. In September I am down 40 pounds and switching from MMA to boxing but continuing the training and weight loss.

Both weight loss challenges were a temporary success losing a lot of weight in a short period of time. In 2014 we will get our fans involved with a weight loss challenge. Stay tuned.