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08 March 2018

Can anyone dethrone the Golden State Warriors?

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Can anyone dethrone the Golden State Warriors?

By Jonathan Jimenez

If everyone is healthy, the short answer is no. As a matter of fact, only the Houston Rockets could make things interesting. Currently, the Houston Rockets have the best record in basketball with 50 wins and only 13 losses, including an ongoing winning streak of 16 games! Yes, very impressive. The Rockets are also ½ a game better than the Golden State Warriors, who have 50 wins with 14 losses. So why do I believe the Rockets barely stand a chance and only if luck is on their side and if there are significant injuries to the Warriors roster? The Warriors are just flat out better than everyone else. The warriors play like they are bored and are pretty much just pacing themselves through the grueling 82 game NBA season. Whether you want to admit it or not, The Golden State Warriors are already an NBA dynasty. Most fans and followers believe you need 3 championships to solidify those sorts of claims of a dynasty, but the Warriors are not just any other 2-time title winner. They have been to the finals 3 seasons in a row; they have 4 all stars on their roster and the only team to send 4 guys to the all-star game in consecutive seasons. They have two MVP’s (most valuable player) in Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. They have the best all-time single season record, two seasons ago with 73 wins and quite frankly they have arguably the best player in the NBA, Kevin Durant (tied with Lebron James of course).

There is no doubt that the Rockets are hungry and no doubt that the pairing of Chris Paul and James Harden works perfectly but the Rockets are playing to the max and with something to prove and the Warriors are just “playing”. Remember when Warriors Coach Steve Kerr handed the clipboard to his players and let them coach themselves? By the way, that was a hilarious boss move, if you were offended, I feel sorry for you. Anyway, you may want to point out the Rockets have beaten the Warriors in two out of their three games this season but were any of those games in the playoffs? You may want to say Chris Paul is the best pure point guard and floor general in the league, and I’ll agree, I love that guy. You may also want to say, the Rockets have this season’s MVP and I’ll agree to that as well. But let me remind you that James Harden has not been to the NBA finals without Kevin Durant and Chris Paul has never made it to the finals, period. The Warriors also have a slightly larger win differential than the Rockets, so even though they coast, they can still knock you out, even if they don’t feel like it. To be fair, I believe it is very likely the Rockets end up with this season’s best record, allowing them home court advantage, something they need desperately if they want any shot at the title; but even that is not a forgone conclusion. To add to that, one game on the road doesn’t stop one of the very best teams to ever step on an NBA court (in my opinion, the 2nd best of all time next to the Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen/Dennis Rodman Bulls of 1995/1996).  I give the Rockets a 15% shot of dethroning the Golden State Warriors, and that is more than I give all of the other teams, combined. The Cavs, the Thunder, the Celtics, the Spurs, the Blazers and the Raptors, all contenders, amount to a 0% shot of dethroning the champs. In the end, the Warriors will pretty much accomplish what most non-delusional NBA fans expect and that is win #3 for the NBA Dynasty.

Do you agree or disagree? LMK…


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