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16 February 2017

Jokes on Us

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Jokes on Us



There are different levels of “fandom”. I just happen to be at the level of “obsessive, life revolves around this s**t on a daily basis” level. So if you’re like me, you know there’s nothing worse than rooting for a team that has no hope in its present state or near future. Welcome to being a NY Knicks fan in 2017!

The joke is truly on us, the “diehard, defend the Knicks at all cost” fans. There’s no hope for us and the past month has just been a cruel reminder of what we already knew, but tried to deny. The organization we try to defend on a daily basis is no longer committed to winning, just satisfied with filling the seats at “The World’s Most Famous Arena”.

Honestly, we’ve been aware of the bulls**t taking place but our loyalty had us turning a blind eye to it. This recent situation with Knick great Charles Oakley was just a reminder. We’ve seen this nonsense before. But watching on live TV as one of our legends was being forcefully removed by arena security, then being portrayed as an out of control alcoholic in a press release made the smell of the dead corpse formally known as the Knicks franchise to strong to ignore.

The fact that current and former players who have no affiliation to the Knicks organization have spoken up on Oakley’s behalf makes this thing even uglier. Why is no one in the organization speaking up? Why does Commissioner Adam Silver have to step in just to mediate a meeting between Oakley and Knicks Owner James Dolan? Dolan was a few rows away from Oakley when he was escorted out and was quick to release a press statement blaming Oakley for the incident. He was just as quick to fire the head of security at MSG for how he handled the situation. So, who the hell was truly at fault and why ban Oakley from the Garden if details were still being sorted out?

Should we be surprised by the fuckery taking place at The Garden, hell no! Just another example of the atmosphere that’s been created by Dolan. I mean, any owner who would fire an employee for reporting sexual assault is capable of anything, right? FYI, he’s still good friends with the defendant from that case and considers him such a great friend that he still seeks his advice on basketball related matter. That’s not a joke, you read that correctly.

He is the same guy who responded to a concerned fans letter about the state of the team in 2015 by calling the fan a “bitter man who is probably a drunk”, even though he didn’t know the fan personally. Then justified his response by saying he was “just going tit for tat”. Way to stay classy James.

The joke is on us Knicks fans. On or off the court things will never change around “The Mecca of Basketball”. At least not under the Dolan regime. He just confirmed that President of Basketball Operations Phil Jackson will be around for at least 2 more years. Our record with Phil as President, 72 wins 149 losses. We’ve just lost 21 out of our last 28 games, yet Phil won’t even address the media. He does, however, like to throw his star player under the bus on twitter. SMFH. Again, how can we discuss the NY Knicks with a straight face when their commitment to winning basketball games is not high upon their agenda?

I guess when you’re selling out 80% of your home games and were just ranked the most expensive NBA franchise by Forbes magazine, why should it be? The Garden will always be an attraction for celebrities to be seen and Dolan knows that. Doesn’t matter how many Knicks legends or die-hard fans he pisses off. This is the harsh reality of being an obsessive fan of a team that’s more concerned with their bottom line than their win total. It’s all one big joke, some of us are just laughing to stop from crying.




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